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Java Power Tools Bootcamp on-site

Bringing Java Power Tools to you

The Java Power Tools Bootcamp can also be provided as an on-site course. This is an excellent option if you have many developers in your team, or if you have specific needs that you would like to be catered for.

General Information

The overall course outline for on-site courses is the same as the public course. However, for on-site courses, we can either deliver the course in either its 4 or 5-day form, or tailor it to your particular requirements. For example we will be happy to remove modules that are not relevent for your development environment, or add extra material on topics that are of special interest to your team.

Course format

Our on-site courses are offered in two formats:

  • The standard training modules and labs, as for the public course
  • The standard training modules and labs, plus an extra day dedicated to your organisation's particular questions and requirements. This last day involves a hands-on application of the material covered during the rest of the week, in the context of your own development environment.

All our courses are above all practical ones. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, and that true knowledge only comes from practical experience. So, like public courses, in-house courses contain approximately 60% lab work.

Learning Resources

Each registrant will receive a copy of the student notes and lab solutions, a certificate of completion, and a CD containing all the tools covered in the course.

Contact us

If you would like our trainings delivered at your premises, or for any additional information please contact us.

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